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2. France, la chançon de geste, and the Song of Roland


  • Birth of Romance Languages
  • Language of oïl / Language of oc
  • Writing and Speaking
  • First texts in vernacular
  • Clerck vs Jongleur
  • Chanson de geste: origins, topics, trends, form and content

Song of Roland (Chanson de Roland)

  • Date (1098)
  • Manuscripts
  • Historical events
  • Close reading
  • Explore texts with AntConc


Primary Texts:

  • The Song of Roland. An Analytical Edition. Trans. Gerard J. Brault. University Park and London: Pensilvania University Press, 1978 (bilingual edition).
  • The Song of Roland, Oxford World’s Classics. Trans. Simon Gaunt and Karen Pratt. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2017.


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Digital Sources to explore: